Bless With A Dress

… was started after a simple conversation between an Aunt and her precious six year old niece, Alexis. While enjoying a weekly lunch visit at school, Alexis was asked what color her Easter dress was going to be. Alexis very sincerely responded “I don’t need one; I have one from last year.” How sweet her Aunt thought. However, what she heard next would change it all. At that moment a few other girls at the table responded in unison, “I don’t have one.” This simple statement prompted a call to a sibling that resulted in a couple of gently used Easter dresses from the previous years. This single act of kindness took on a new life after an email resulted in a near immediate response resulting in 64 dresses, most of which were new! Bless With a Dress was born and now provides young ladies the opportunity to feel like a princess for a day.

The Founder, credits the passion back to a childhood memory including nine siblings and parents with a strong faith in Jesus Christ. “I was introduced to Easter and the miracle of the resurrection at an early age. It’s my absolute favorite holiday. We went to church, showed off our bonnets then ran home to hunt for eggs. It struck me that afternoon at lunch, these kids know nothing about the true meaning of Easter, and that makes me want to cry. Every child needs to be exposed to the miracle of Easter”. Bless with a Dress was born.

Bless with a Dress desires to have every little girl experience the magic of a new dress, a Princess Tea Party and a fun filled Easter Parade as they hear the miracle of Easter. It is our mission to share the Gospel through the Easter story of Jesus, His death and miraculous resurrection. The need for every little girl to hear the truth of the gospel serves as the foundation supporting Bless With a Dress. Our aim is to tangibly show the love of Jesus Christ to those in need.

“So, for all those beautiful little princesses, that have never experienced the thrill of feeling like a princess on Easter morning, this Easter Princess Extravaganza is for you. Jesus loves you and you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Bless with a Dress is our way to tell the Easter Story, and show every child how special they are, and how much they are loved and respected”.